What is a GPA? 

GPA stands for Global Payment Address. This will be a simple and easy to remember uncensorable address you can give to others to receive any kind of digital asset or cryptocurrency payment. The beauty of this type of address is that no one can take it from you once you acquire it. No 3rd party, no government, no corporation. The domain(e.g. sendjohncash.crypto) is secure on the blockchain with ownership protected by private keys. Your address is unique to you and you can receive payment for a wide variety of currencies and digital assets. See the list of currently supported digital assets. 

How does it work? 

We are a reseller marketplace for domains operated by Unstoppable Domains, Ethereum Name Service and others who may come into this space. The concept of GPAs is something we're promoting so people and businesses across the world understand there is an option to easily receive money from anyone anywhere in the world in an uncensorable way. 

How can I use a GPA? 

Currently Unstoppable Domains is integrated into Coinomi and Moonlet wallets with Trust Wallet support coming soon. To use a GPA you would enter the target domain(e.g. sendjohncash.crypto)the same place you enter your long form(e.g. bc1qfsckzkszuzn46nc3w8uwtzfmfpeqx7snn5ax4s) cryptocurrency address. One GPA is all you need to receive money from any of the supported coins and digital assets. The mapping of your domain to your payment addresses is managed on-chain and can't be changed without you, no one can stop you from receiving your transactions, not even us, Unstoppable Domains or anyone else. Unstoppable Domains is vigorously working to have their technology integrated into more wallets, exchanges and other platforms. ENS is supported by a wide variety of dApps and tools in the Ethereum space. 

Why would a business use a GPA? 

Offering your customers a way to send payments to you from anywhere in the world with a simple payment address(e.g. acmepayments.crypto) drives the adoption of cryptocurrency and digital assets all over the world. Also in the near future you'll have the ability to use subdomains and offer your customers unique blockchain specific payment addresses(e.g. johndoe.acmepayments.crypto) with an account number or something simpler. 

How is the GPA Score calculated? 

GPA uses a statistical scoring method based on a combination of Zipf's law, per million calculation, the likelihood a work(or combination) appears in an English document and word length to calculate a score that is a best out of 4.0. We will continue to revise and tweak our scoring as market shifts occur. The goal of the GPA Score is to give an objective measurement of the potential value and use of a word.

What else can you do with GPAs? 

Using the backbone of Unstoppable Domain you can also host uncensorable websites with the same domains you acquire using fast growing IPFS technology which is driving rapid expansion of a decentralized web.

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